Our Mission

By carrying out the studies under the heading of “ethics” in the business world perspective to provide public interest. To gain a reference characteristic to our association with the intention of adoption and implementation of universal business ethics principles in all parts of society.

Our Vision

To ensure that the “Reputation” perception towards our country is formed at the best level. This perception will find its concrete counterpart by our country taking place in top 20 in “International Transparency Organization Corruption Perception Index “and similar value researches.

Our Values

As our mission describe our cause in the simplest form; our vision determines our goals at the social level. For us this goal is not to be reached as an end point but as a light of progress and development as a continuous journey.

The values ​​that constitute the essence of the TEİD Membership Statement are a guide that draws our boundaries, inspiring us, guiding us in our journey to our goal.

Transparency, fairness, commitment and accountability principles constitute the foundation of all administrative functions and decision-making mechanisms. We believe that business ethics is a broad content beyond deviate from law or immorality, not just respect to current stakeholder rights but also to the rights of future stakeholders. In this framework, the sustainability principle is gaining importance and we support the idea that only “It will be validated with the use of a sensitive and effective natural resource”.

As TEID Members..

  1. In all our operations; we will abide by all applied national regulations, in particular Constitution of Republic of Turkey, and all international agreements and regulations, to which Republic of Turkey is a party.

  2. We will be particular with declared statements and presented reports so that they are realistic and we will present the relevant information correctly, understandable and on time.

  3. We accept truthfulnes and transparency as our primary principles in all our business processes and relations.

  4. We will make the utmost effort to make sure that buseiness etchics become the building block of our written organizational culture.

  5. We will equip our managers and empolyees with awareness, rule and practices. We will prevent them from gaining personal benefits by using their current duties and we will inspect them on this.

  6. We will not allow our employees to receive gfts that will affect their neutral decision making and to present gifts with the same purpose

  7. While we conduct our activities and business, we will treat all public institution, government entitiy, non-governmental organization and political party equally without any expectation of interest.

  8. In our operations, we will not cause corruption, we will not tolerate it and we are n combat against it.

  9. We will not cause unfair competition. We will make sure that fair competition and consumer’s right are protected and we will develop all our practices towards this goal.

  10. We will not employ unregistered workers. We will look out for health and security of employee and we will support women, disabled, young fair employment.

  11. We will support activities contributing social and economical development.

  12. We will develop practices to expand all this business ethics, understanding and practices to our entire area of influence, including our business partners and suppliers.

  13. We declare our support on the 10 basic principles that are the core of the United Nations Global Compact, we reflect to our policies our volunteering to comply with these principles is an administrative.