Internal Investigations Working Group Content

You can find the file containing internal investigations working group content and goals that we conducted under the leadership of Fikret Sebilcioğlu ( Managing Partner of Cerebra CPAs & Advisors). So far we have realized a workshops and many meetings.

In the point where we come today Internal Investigations Working Group has tree sub-divisions in order to be able to work more effectively and deeply :

  • Before Investigation.
  • Investigation Process.
  • After Investigation.

Internal Investigations Working Group Workshop

At 17 Novemner 2016 we realised an Internal Investigations Working Group Workshop with Fikret Sebilcioğlu ( Managing Partner of Cerebra CPAs & Advisors) which was moderated by Selda Bağlan, Franklin and Covey General Manager.
In the first session of the workshop that consisted 2 sessions similar professions came together and discussed the problems they faced and feelings they felt during internal investigations. At the second session, participants from different professions gathered around 5 tables and presented solution prosposals.